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Title Author Publishing Info Suggestion Date Suggestion Status Remark
1 艺术、神话与祭祀 张光直 北京出版社2017年9月 2017-11-17 To be processed
2 Longitudinal Data Analysis: A Practical Guide for Researchers in Aging, Health and Social Sciences Newsom, Jason 2017-11-17 To be processed
3 domestic law in international arbitration Jarrod Hepburn OUP Oxford 2017-11-17 To be processed
4 投资策略实战分析 詹姆森奥肖内西 2017-11-17 To be processed
5 Practice Research in Nordic Social Work: Knowledge Production in Transition Edgar Marthinsen (编者),‎ Ilse Julkunen (编者) Whiting & Birch Ltd2012 2017-11-17 To be processed
6 The reflective researcher : social workers' theories of practice research Jan Fook St. Leonards, Australia1996 2017-11-17 To be processed
7 Professional expertise: practice, theory and education for working in uncertainty Fook, J., Ryan, M. and Hawkins, L. London, UK, Whiting & Birch2000 2017-11-17 To be processed
8 Social work: critical theory and practice Fook, Jan London, UK, SAGE Publications2002 2017-11-17 To be processed
9 media, culture and society 2nd edition Paul Hodkinson 2017 2017-11-16 To be processed
10 Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law - Volume 7 Ian A. Laird Borzu Sabahi Frédéric G. Sourgens JurisNet LLC 2014 2017-11-16 To be processed
11 最美遇见你 顾西爵 春风文艺出版社2011 2017-11-16 To be processed
12 Reflections on Literature and Culture Hannah Arendt Stanford University Press2007 2017-11-16 To be processed
13 獨立策展人 Alison Carrol 五觀藝術管理公司2004 2017-11-16 To be processed
14 Introduction to linear regression analysis Douglas C. Montgomery, Elizabeth A. Peck, G. Geoffrey Vining. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.2012 2017-11-16 To be processed
15 culturally sustaining pedagogies: teaching and learning for justice in a changing world D. Paris and H. S. Alim Teachers College Press2017 2017-11-16 To be processed
16 ANSYS workbench 17.0数值模拟与实例精解 付稣昇 编著 2017-11-16 To be processed
17 剑桥雅思考试全真试题集1 FU 2017-11-16 To be processed
18 剑桥雅思真题 7 fu 2017-11-16 To be processed
19 中国文化概要(第二版) 陶嘉炜 2017-11-16 To be processed
20 剑桥雅思考试全真试题集5(新东方学校雅思指定教材最新雅思真题) fu 2017-11-16 To be processed
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