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Title Author Publishing Info Suggestion Date Suggestion Status Remark
1 Changes in China: Party, State, and Society SC Leng University Press of America , 1989 2018-08-18 To be processed
2 Chinese Marxism in the Post-Mao Era David Kelly Stanford University Press1990-7-1 2018-08-18 To be processed
3 The Rise to Power of the Chinese Communist Party Tony Saich M E Sharpe Inc1996-12 2018-08-18 To be processed
4 The Foreigner Richard Sennett Notting Hill Editions2011-4-28 2018-08-18 To be processed
5 习近平扶贫论述摘编 中共中央党史和文献研究院、国务院扶贫办 中央文献出版社2018年8月 2018-08-18 To be processed
6 第四消费时代 三浦展 东方出版社 2018-08-17 To be processed
7 Language Acquisition at the Interfaces: Proceedings of GALA 2015 Jiyoung Choi, Hamida Demirdache, Oana Lungu, Laurence Voeltzel Cambridge Scholars Publishing2017 2018-08-16 To be processed
8 清日战争实记 桥本海关 山东画报出版社2017 2018-08-16 To be processed
9 中国海洋与湿地鸟类 陈水华 湖南科学技术出版社2018-5 2018-08-16 To be processed
10 Laser ultrasonics techniques and applications. Scruby C, Drain L. 2018-08-16 To be processed
11 中国历代大事年表 杜文玉 商务印书馆2018 2018-08-15 To be processed
12 中国近现代稀见史料丛刊(第五辑) 张剑、徐雁平、彭国忠 凤凰出版社2018 2018-08-15 To be processed
13 Dyslexia: Developing the Debate Julian Elliott;Rod Nicolson Bloomsbury Academic 2016 2018-08-14 To be processed
14 Russia and Its Northeast Asian Neighbors Kimitaka Matsuzato Lexington Books2016-12-7 2018-08-14 To be processed
15 The Waning of the Communist State Andrew G. Walder (editor) University of California Press1995-11-28 2018-08-14 To be processed
16 橫渡孟加拉灣 蘇尼爾.阿姆瑞斯(Sunil S. Amrith) 臉譜2017-12-30 2018-08-14 To be processed
17 CHINA ROAD:A JOURNEY INTO THE FUTURE OF Rob Gifford 2007 2018-08-14 To be processed
18 Communist China in Retrospect Rozman, Gilbert Peter Lang International Academic Publishers1995-4-1 2018-08-13 To be processed
19 China's Transition from Socialism: Statist Legacies and Market Reforms, 1980-1990 Dorothy J. Solinger 1993 2018-08-13 To be processed
20 The Economic Transformation of South China Lyons, Thomas P./ Nee, Victor (EDT) 2018-08-13 To be processed
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